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It’s a Good Idea to Pay Your Taxes On Time!

Date: 2nd February 2018

For new debts from 1 April 2017, the 1% on going monthly penalty will be scrapped for income tax, GST and some other payments. However, the immediate penalty that applies

Changes to Provisional Tax Payments

Date: 30th January 2018

The Government wants the new tax system to fit in with how businesses operate, and not the other way around. Provisional tax is being reformed, so that small businesses have

Job Hacks for Work Life

Date: 17th January 2018

Here are three handy dandy job hacks to make work-life in 2018 just that little bit sweeter. You’re welcome. Number One Hello Slack In their owns words Slack is: Where

Get ready for payroll changes from 1 April 2018

Date: 9th January 2018

If your business is using a manual paper-based or spreadsheet-based system, or off-line software for your payroll, you may like to consider modernising before the beginning of the new financial

5 considerations for short-term holiday house rental

Date: 28th December 2017

If you’re one of the many home owners in the Queenstown Lakes District taking advantage of the buoyant short-term holiday house rental market, you’ll know that there are good returns

Attain balance and freedom these holidays!

Date: 13th December 2017

It’s the festive season and time to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. So here’s some light reading for your holidays. Download the Findlay & Co Holiday e-book here:  

Get your pre-holiday cashflow sorted

Date: 7th December 2017

We don’t want to put a damper on your summer holiday plans, but as you are probably aware, provisional tax and GST payments are due on 15 January. The timing

Quick Tip: View contact emails in Xero

Date: 27th November 2017

Here’s a neat way to see all your customers’ and suppliers’ information in one place. Simply connect your Gmail or Office 365 account to view emails to and from your

Join the Xero club: the Xero Small Business Collective

Date: 15th November 2017

Realising that there is a huge thirst in our business community for all things related to cloud accounting and keeping accounting simple, we’ve decided to form a club…. introducing the

Succession planning for your small business

Date: 30th October 2017

Stepping away from, or selling up your business, is a massive life event. You may be overwhelmed by emotion and, without proper succession planning, this may lead to poor decision

Trust law changes in store

Date: 15th October 2017

There are between 300,000-500,000 trusts in New Zealand and now the law governing trusts will be updated for the first time in over 60 years. Parliamentary plastic surgery is in

Improving business culture to improve business performance

Date: 29th September 2017

It’s easy to think of business culture as a bit soft compared with, say, achieving sales, but it turns out the opposite is true. A 2014 study reported that public

We made finals at Xero Awards, Xerocon 2017!

Date: 25th September 2017

We’ve just returned home from a full-on few days at Xerocon Melbourne, where 3,068 attendees from 19 countries immersed themselves in industry advice and updates. With Xero hitting some big

Why we chose to outsource staff and how it works

Date: 29th August 2017

If your business is in need of permanent professional staff, you can recruit the traditional way and pay recruitment fees, salaries and benefits, ACC, insurance, equipment and various other costs.

Cyber Attacks: 3 steps to protect your business

Date: 14th August 2017

As we’ve been hearing in the media, cyber attacks directed at businesses are on the rise. The impact of these viruses and malware is potentially damaging, but your business needn’t

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