Home-based businesses: what you can and can’t claim

Date: 4th September 2019

Running a business from home? Did you know that your business can foot part of your heating and electrical bills? Or that it can cover a portion of your rent

Is Your Accountant Ticking all the Boxes?

Date: 28th November 2013

Findlay and Co have a philosophy that is a bit different than that of your average accounting company.  It’s about more than just numbers here. For example, one of our

Financial statements: your business story in three parts, love from Xero!

Date: 8th February 2013

Running a business is all about information. The more you know, the more informed your decisions are. And when your decisions are better-informed, your chance of success is higher. Financial

Remuneration of shareholder employees

Date: 22nd March 2012

The Penny and Hooper decision is a landmark tax avoidance case that has implications for small businesses operating through a company or trust. Essentially, the Supreme Court decided in favour

What gifts are tax deductible?

Date: 13th December 2011

Let’s look at the tax treatment of saying thanks to customers and staff typically with gifts, wining and dining. Inland Revenue’s IR268 guide gives the following examples of where entertainment