‘Capitalising on the Cloud’ recap

Date: 27th November 2014

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In Queenstown last week we brought together a bunch of business people to talk about cloud technology: how cloud computing is changing the way we do business and how to use it to your advantage.  Here’s a recap of our Capitalise on the Cloud presentation .

Technology has changed our lives

Let’s consider the impact of technology on several well established industries.

  • The camera film industry.  What killed it?  Digital cameras.
  • What is killing digital cameras?  The smartphone.  The way we capture, store and retrieve data has completely changed.
  • How about Blockbuster video?  What is killing the video hire industry?  Netflix, Foxtel, Apple TV – video on-demand services.
  • What might eventually kill the video on-demand industry?  Youtube.  The way we access content has changed. The younger generation spend more time watching You Tube than TV.

What opportunities can new technologies present to your business?

Here’s an example of what can happen when you bring many cloud technologies together in a business:

shop with your phone

When the cloud based accounting system integrates with the client database system which integrates with the stock control system then that integrates with the distribution system, you have one system operating in real time with all the data you need at your finger tips to run your business, make better decisions and create a better experience with your customers.  And this allows cool stuff to happen like customers buying from you with their smart phone.

How Findlay & Co uses the Cloud

We use these cloud based technologies:

Benefits Findlay & Co get being in the Cloud

  • Reduced capital costs
  • Reduction in ongoing IT expenditure
  • Not tied to office or desk
  • New offices, workstations a breeze
  • Less office space & clutter
  • More connected to our clients
  • Staff can work from anywhere anytime
  • Training & induction of new staff easier
  • Always on the latest version

Old School vs New School Accounting

What we like above cloud technology is that enables a shift away from traditional accounting towards a new school, modern accounting approach.

Old School = Uncool

Historical reporting


Bill by the clock

Compliance & Tax Accounting


Fees uncertainty

New School = Cool

Up to date reports


No Timesheets

More value added services


Put clients on packages


 How you can shift to the cloud

  • Have a plan
  • Talk with your IT professional
  • Have a good back up
  • Transfer email eg, Office 365
  • Change to cloud accounting systems eg, Xero
  • Move data eg, Box, Dropbox
  • Don’t get hung up on putting your system in the cloud, work with systems already built

More info?

If you want to learn more about doing business in the cloud or cloud accounting, talk to us or check out our workshops and seminars coming up in Wanaka and Queenstown.

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