Bradford Travel – Debbie Bradford

Debbie Bradford is a travel broker based in Cromwell; she runs her own successful business under the NZ Travel Broker banner. Debbie has taken her experience living and travelling overseas, attending international sporting competitions, organising business travel, conventions and family holidays, and turned it into a career.

Her key focus is helping clients travel successfully by listening to their needs, being creative and having an exceptional attention to detail. Debbie has worked closely with Wayne now for several years and she says the best thing about working with Findlay & Co is that they are a friendly team who are always available for advice and assistance. They have good communication and always keep in contact.

We asked Debbie how Findlay & Co have helped her business, she said,” they have excellent systems and simplistic results driven strategies to fine tune your business.” The two words Debbie uses to describe Wayne are relaxed and informative.

If you need to relax we suggest booking your next holiday through Debbie at NZ Travel Brokers. Thanks for the feedback Debbie!

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