Behind the scenes….

Date: 12th August 2011

It’s here…another teaser for the highly anticipated film, The Hobbit. Kiwi director, Peter Jackson has posted a third behind the scenes video on the making of The Hobbit. Fans will get a taste of what the dwarves have been up to on and off camera.

Like the Oscar-winning Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit is filmed in New Zealand under the expert eye of director Peter Jackson. The Hobbit is released in December, 2012. Exciting news!

The 13-minute clip largely focuses on the dwarves, while the last video, which was posted earlier this month, followed the crew on their hunt for suitable locations.

The hobbits are seen both in and out of costume. They’re depicted fighting and eating and being directed by Jackson, while out of costume they answer questions about what their favourite moments have been so far and which hobbit they would invite to dinner.

Take a moment to check out a Kiwi project and support the New Zealand film industry. Cheers!

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