Attach Files to your Financial Data

Date: 30th October 2013

The world of Xero is an exciting place.  They are innovating and updating their software at a cracking pace.  Their latest upgrade may, at first glance, seem like a small one but it has huge potential to make your business work even more efficiently.

Xero Files is all about attaching files (pictures or other documents) to your financial data.  So instead of having pieces of paper stored in shoe boxes or a bunch of files sitting in your drawers, you can integrate these documents with your accounts for easy retrieval.

Here’s some examples of how Files will change the way you work.  You will be able to:

  • Attach contractual documentation associated with one of your clients, loan documents for a bank account, or a picture of a fixed asset.
  • Attach a photo of a client to your accounts receivable files.
  • Store company incorporation documents for easy access by your accountant.
  • Attach all the invoices you need to give to your accountant at the end of the year such as rates, insurance and ACC invoices.
  • If you’re a start-up looking for funding or to be acquired, why not create a contracts register so you’re always ready for Due Diligence?

You can also look forward to being able to email files directly into your Files inbox – for example, you will be able to create a forwarding rule whenever any of your suppliers email you an invoice to have this automatically appear in your inbox from which you can quickly create a bill.

Files is one of a growing list of features that make cloud accounting compelling. Like Bank Feeds, when you see Files you’ll wonder why it hasn’t always been this way. We think eventually all online accounting software will work like this. If you know people that are still working in a desktop disconnected fashion, show them Files.

Find out more about Files.

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