All you want for Christmas: a new Xero dashboard!

Date: 16th December 2014

You’ll notice a fresh new look to the Xero Dashboard. It’s now easier for you to get the information you need at a glance so you can monitor and understand the health of their business.  It’s pretty much all you’ll want for Christmas!

This is just the start of many ongoing updates you’ll notice to the dashboard in the coming months.

What’s new now

  • A new graph which shows your incoming and outgoing cash over the last few months – handy for seeing your historical cash movements at a glance. You can drill into the detail as required.
  • The invoice and bill graphs have been improved so you’ll be able to see the total amounts for all outstanding invoices rather than just those overdue – the same will apply to bills. The charts are simplified so you can quickly see if there are overdue items at a glance and drill down to see these.
  • A choice of what to show on the Dashboard and where those items are positioned. So from now everything can be positioned as you like or optionally hidden if you don’t have a need for a particular item.

Quick video overview

Coming soon

The Business Performance Dashboard will begin the journey of delivering on Xero’s vision of providing big data capabilities for small business. It’s a set of indicators that will help small businesses better measure and understand their performance, while giving them information to work more effectively with their advisors.

You’ll hear more about this over the next few months. You can preview the Business Performance Dashboard here.


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