All new Xero Expenses

Date: 17th July 2018

The all new Xero Expenses is here, making it simpler to claim expenses and giving you valuable insights into spending patterns. The purpose of Xero Expenses is to improve the experience of managing expenses by increasing the ways you can automate the entry of data into Xero.

From now on, subscribers already on a New Zealand standard or premium Xero plan will be able to use the enhanced expenses functionality in Xero.

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How Xero Expenses works

Because of the number of people involved in an expense process – the employee claiming the expense, the staff member responsible for approving and processing the expense, and the person who pays the expense – it can often become a disjointed and time consuming workflow. Xero Expenses reduces the hidden costs of processing expense claims for your small business and saves many hours.

With the new Xero Expenses, you can auto-capture receipts and submit expense claims on mobile devices, link billable expenses to Xero Projects, and update reports. New permission settings allow control over who views, approves and pays claims. Best of all, Xero Expenses provides real-time insights into who’s spending, how much, and on what.

Advance notice of pricing changes

From 10 July 2018, new Xero Expenses will be automatically included in Xero for anyone on standard or premium plans. Initially there’s no extra charge, but from 28 September 2018, the monthly subscription price will increase as a result of this new functionality.

Standard subscriptions will be $60 a month, while premium pricing becomes $75 a month, excluding GST. This pricing will now include one active Xero Expenses user, plus $5 a month for each additional Expenses user who is active that month, for example, submitting an expense claim.

All other Xero plans will not be able to use the new Expenses add-on, and as such all other pricing will not be changing. However you are able to upgrade to Standard or Premium at any time if you would like to utilise this feature.

Find Xero Expenses in the Accounts menu or download the iOS or Android Expenses app to your mobile.

Transitioning to the new Xero Expenses

There’s no need to activate – it’s already automatically added to all Standard and Premium customers (one user free), and will come with any new Standard or Premium package purchased moving forward.

Existing expense claims will become read-only after 31 January 2019. So please make sure any outstanding expense claims are reviewed, authorised, declined and/or paid before 31 January 2019. You’ll still be able to access data processed through the current expense claims feature through the Expense Claims Detail report.

More information

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