Air New Zealand gives a leg up

Date: 20th June 2011

It was Claude Meffan's day to collect the big prize

Air New Zealand wants to help cheer up those affected by the recent situation in Christchurch. Here are the deets: Air NZ offered a round-the-world ticket for two to the person who could stand on one leg the longest.

It sounded tough, but as bad weather threatened, organisers decided to make it a little bit tougher. After several rule changes and four hours, 10 minutes into the stand-off a young engineering student was the last man standing.

“I’m very glad they chose to do eyes closed otherwise I wouldn’t have lasted,” says winner Claude Meffan.

The event could have gone all night otherwise. More than 100 people took part, but they all fell, perhaps put off by the world record time of four days.

Talk about a stand off. We commend Air New Zealand on their positivity and continued support of Christchurch.

Originally published by 3 News on S11 Jun 2011 6:29P.M., By Jeff Hampton

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