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Date: 4th February 2011

Listening to budgeting advice about trimming the latte or axing the gym membership getting a bit old? If you are saving or trying to chop down some debt it pays to take an holistic view of the situation, weigh up what has got to give and make some changes. But keep it real and approach it logically!

The first step to take is to take an honest look at your situation. Do you actually know where your money goes? It might be helpful to list your fixed expenses, day-to-day spending, monthly bills and any one off annual expenses. You can set some goals that are specific and give them a time frame that is realistic.

  • Keep a track of your spending
  • Set clear goals
  • Get rid of your most expensive debt first
  • Sensibly consolidate your debt if possible
  • Pay your credit card off in full each month
  • Get help if you need it, Sorted has some great tips
  • Pick what treats can stay

The good news is we have some hot little calculators and tools to help you right here on our website, whether it’s saving for something special or reducing debt a little planning can go a long way.

Remember the old adage, ‘spend some, save some’….we agree and with a plan in place you will no longer feel guilty about the odd latte and working out will be a treat, not a chore!

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